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Simple Wallets

Download the Simple wallet according to your operating system.

Windows Wallet 64-Bit


Windows Wallet 32-Bit


Linux Wallet


Mac OS High Sierra Wallet


Paper wallet


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Why you should invest in Simple ?

Coin parameters



Block reward



180 seconds

Target Spacing

Every 5 blocks (15 minutes)

Masternode collateral

2000 SPLB

Masternode rewards

65% per block

Max supply

21 000 000


1.047 %

Block distribution

Block 2 to 499 : 1 SPLB / block
Block 500 to ~ : 12 SPLB/ block

Our Roadmap

The roadmap is summarized below and more information can be found in the white paper


Concept development
Team Constitution
Project drafting
Legal documentation

Q1 2018

Coin creation
Social media recruitment
Partners search
Road map planification

Q2 2018

Social media & website deployment
Github, wallets, block explorer release
Crypto-Bridge registation
Masternode.Online, Delta App registation
SimpleBank promotional video
Airdrop : Twitter & Discord campaign

Q3 2018

SimpleBank App full documentation & screenshot
SimpleBank App advertising campaign
SimpleBank App promotional video
SimpleBank Beta App release (with E-wallet and «Cash access point» map)
SimpleBank Beta App public test

Q4 2018

LSimpleBank App correctives from Beta
SimpleBank App release
Release of Simple Franchise Pack : « How to turn your business into a local crypto bank »
Launch of the "Franchise country" network

Q1 2019

SimplePlatform release
SimplePlatform E-wallet release
Local advertising
SimplePlatform exchange release (BTC/SPLB)
«Franchise country» network expansion

future improvements

SimplePlatform Fiat exchange (USD/SPLB)
Global fiat currency used to stabilize market volatility
«Franchise country» network globalisation
SimpleBank credit card

Our team


Simple Frequently Asked Questions

We havn't taking definitive decision on this particular subject. Still, we entend to turn the chain into full POS, we will announce it on Bitcointalk and discord when decided.
To be part of earliest believers in our futur banking system. Act as main actor and gateway to fully decentralised economy. Take it as free gift from our company.
SimpleBank is planned to reach a maximum of 21 million SPLB. You can calculate it based on a collateral of 2000 PLSB. It means 21 000 000 divided by 2 000 = a maximun of 10 500 masternodes available.
We add the masternode function to our chain with the idea of binging early investors, with their trust we succefully completed our lauch. Its a win win situation, early investors will be the first rewarded with SimpleBank success. So NO, we played it fair and we did not hold any masternodes.
You Can find us on We plan to get soon registered on other altenative exchanges.
We planned it in our long terms strategie. We are still working on the legals process, which are different in each country. We will release it as soon as our network finds some partners in countries that allow its use.
Yes, it's neoscrypt, the algorithm is listed on their platform.